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A complete offering of cast and ductile iron materials includes high grade materials such as EN-GJS-500-14, EN-GJS-600-10, and ENJ-GJS-700-2 which offer greater resistance against cracking or leaks in high pressure applications and greater fatigue and impact resistance compared to grey iron.  Please see the table for a comprehensive list of the current materials offered.  If you don’t see your desired material let us know and we will be happy to quote alternatives.

Gray Iron  (CN) Gray Iron (ASTM) Gray Iron (DIN) Ductile Iron (CN) Ductile Iron (EN1563) Ductile Iron (ASTM) Ductile Iron (DIN)
HT150 Class No.25 GG15 QT400-15 EN-GJS-400-15 GGG-40
HT200 Class No.30 GG20 QT400-18 EN-GJS-400-18 60-40-18
HT250 Class No.35 GG25 QT450-10 EN-GJS-450-10 65-45-12
Class No.40 QT500-7 EN-GJS-500-7 80-55-06 GGG-50
HT300 Class No.45 GG30 QT500-14 EN-GJS-500-14
HT350 Class No.50 GG35 QT600-10 EN-GJS-600-10
QT700-2 EN-GJS-700-2 GGG-70