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The industries we serve.

Pump Manufacturers

We produce a variety of pump parts including end suction, vertical inline, and split case casings as well as covers and brackets.   We can also do simple value-added to these components and manufacture complimentary, non-cast components such as shafts and sleeves.  We will also create sub-assembly kits for your production floor consisting of necessary components to build a sub-assembly (especially convenient if shipment of sub-assemblies is not effective but shipment of kits is effective for regulatory or shipping cost reasons).  We would be happy to quote your cast and ductile iron pump casting and sub-assembly needs.

Engine and Motor Manufacturers

We manufacture highly critical engine components including manifolds, crankcases, and transmission components.  We would be happy to quote your cast and ductile iron engine and motor component casting needs.

Valve Manufacturers

We can cast, machine, assemble and test many different valve types.  We currently ship thousands of assembled valves annually.  We would be happy to quote your cast and ductile iron valve casting, kitting, or assembly needs.

Alternator Parts

These parts generally require tight outside diameter to inside diameter control and economic use of material.  At GBS casting we are experts in consulting on alternator component design and manufacturing.  Please allow us to assist you with alternator component needs.

Vacuum Compressor Parts

These special parts require custom processes and tooling to manufacture properly and are manufactured to very tight tolerances. Please allow us the chance to quote for you.

Printing Press Manufacturers

We cast and machine highly critical printing press components specializing in very tight bore-to-bore and bore diameter tolerances.  We would be happy to quote your printing press component needs.

Part Types

Brackets, Frames, and Housings

This is just a small sample of the many varieties of these types of parts that GBS is capable of manufacturing to your precise requirements.  Bring your challenging cast iron and ductile iron requirements to our team.  You will be satisfied!

Value Added

We can build and/or kit sub-assemblies and will produce (or source locally, if you desire) the complimentary components such as shafts and sleeves.  We will package in any orientation you need to make the presentation of the parts ergonomic to your production floor.   Give us an opportunity to WOW! you with our value-added capabilities.