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Qingdao, China


General Questions

Where is the factory located?

We have several facilities located all within Qingdao City in China.  Our headquarters are 20 minutes travel by car from the Liuting Airport.  The airport is a one hour flight from Beijing or from Shanghai.

How long has GBS been in business?

We have been producing and exporting machined castings to North America and Europe since 1996.

How many employees does GBS have?

GBS employs 750 people with the following breakdown:

  • Foundry: 270
  • Machine Shop: 360
  • Office: 120

To which countries does GBS currently export?

  • USA
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Holland
  • Finland
  • Japan
  • Korea

What percentage of GBS’ business is exported?

100% export; this is a GBS area of expertise and focus.

How long does it take to develop patterns? Ship samples? Ship Production?

Typically GBS can:

  • Complete patterns in 30-45 days (depending on complexity)
  • Ship samples within 30 days after pattern completion
  • Ship production within 60-90 days after sample approval (depending on lot size; smaller lots can be shipped more rapidly if there is an urgent customer need)

What is the new product or casting development process?

After an understanding of the part needs from our customer (including drawing receipt and questions and answers regarding critical customer needs), our engineering and customer service teams create internal documentation to match the customer drawings and needs.  Patterns are designed and manufactured in-house.   Manufacturing plans are designed and documented.   Quality plans are created and documented including the first article inspection process.  Packaging and shipping plans are generated.  All of these internal controls are driven by our ISO standards to which we strictly adhere.   End result: Customer Satisfaction!

Does the customer have to pay product shipping charges?

This depends on the customer’s level of comfort in handling international shipments.  If a customer would rather have GBS be responsible for the shipping we are able and willing to do so and will include these costs into the piece price.  We can ship CIF (Carriage, Insurance, and Freight) to the port of your choosing.   We also provide clearance of goods (handled by the local freight forwarder).   All local costs and taxes are the responsibility of the customer but GBS is very capable and happy to offer advice on these details.

Are there power outages in China? How does this impact GBS production?

It is true that many factories in China occasionally suffer from a lack of power during the summer months.  However, after the power rationing in 2021, power has not been a factor in Shandong Province where Qingdao (our city) is located and has had no effect on our business and, ultimately, to our customers’ businesses.

In What currency does GBS deal?

We deal in United States dollars (USD) and Euro (EUR).

How long does it take to ship goods from Qingdao port to the customer port by sea?

  • Europe: 27 days
  • North America:
    • 2 weeks to west coast
    • 3 weeks to east coast
  • Note: This does not include the time to wait for vessel availability which is typically 2-3 weeks.
  • Note 2: We expect shipment times to return to these normal durations in 2023.

How long does it take to ship goods from Qingdao to the customer by air?

Air freight generally takes about 7 days to all major destinations.

Can a customer visit GBS to conduct a factory audit?

Yes, GBS welcomes new customers to visit our factory.  Since we undergo audits regularly in order to maintain our certifications, please provide ample notice so that we may be sure to properly host you.  You will enjoy, not only GBS factories but also the rich culture available in Qingdao.

Does GBS keep customer confidentiality?

We are happy to sign Confidentiality Agreements with customers and will honor these.  Customers should be aware that we have many international visitors in our factories.  Branded work-in-process will be clearly visible to those who pass through our facilities.  Of course, GBS personnel will not divulge any information regarding these.

In what languages does GBS personnel communicate?

Although we do business with many countries around the world, we communicate effectively in Chinese, English, and Japanese.  All information should therefore be supplied in one of these.

Is there a minimum volume of business required to conduct international purchasing?

There are no minimum volumes.  However, the prices of the goods plus the fixed costs of importing makes it more economical to buy in higher volumes.   We pride ourselves in working individually with each customer to ensure a mutually viable relationship regardless of the quantity.

What are GBS annual production quantities?

  • With our new foundry coming on line at the beginning of Q4 2022 we will have the capability of producing 45,000 tons of cast and ductile iron products annually.
  • 2021 annual production is 900,000 individual parts.

What industries does GBS serve?

Various Industrial OEM parts for the following industries:

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Engines
  • Alternators
  • Printing Presses
  • Vacuum Compressors

Which types of metal removal or machining equipment do you have?

  • Horizontal CNC Machining Centers
  • Vertical CNC Machining Centers
  • Gantry Vertical CNC Machining Centers
  • Vertical CNC Lathes
  • Horizontal CNC Lathes
  • Boring machines
  • Drilling machines